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  • 01.12.2015

    Today we remember the estimated 300,000 who died in the earthquake that struck Haiti five years ago this afternoon. We still grieve the loss of so many we loved. We also acknowledge the tireless work of so many who have rebuilt — often with their own bare hands — so much of what was lost. Haiti has

  • 01.01.2015

    Thanks to everyone who supported Schools Not Slavery! With the help of hundreds of generous donors, we reached our goal to fully fund 25 schools in villages where children are especially vulnerable to becoming enslaved.

  • 12.30.2014

    “Chay la lou anpil!” I’ve heard so many parents in rural Haiti say this — “The burden is so very heavy!”

  • 12.29.2014

    Usually 1 does not equal 2, but today, tomorrow and Wednesday it does.

  • 12.27.2014

    It’s not often that you can do something nearly three times better than it’s being done … but that’s exactly what’s happening in Haiti right now.

  • 12.23.2014

    Several people asked me to share this story by email so they could share it with others as a Christmas reflection.

  • 12.20.2014

    I wasn’t really expecting you to know that it was my birthday on Wednesday this week. My family and plenty of my friends remembered.

  • 12.15.2014

    Natacha was nine-years-old when she was sent from her rural Haitian village to live with a family she didn’t know in Port-au-Prince.

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    Children march to push for an end of the restavèk child slavery practice in Haiti.

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