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  • 11.20.2016

    Today, on Universal Children’s Day, I want to share this short video with you from our colleagues at the Child Labor Coalition. At Beyond Borders we are proud to be members of the Child Labor Coalition and to help lead the movement to end child domestic servitude in Haiti. In the coming days you’ll have the

  • 10.04.2016

    Beyond Borders’ Mackanaky Steevens Magloire is sending video and photos from his hometown of Matènwa on the island of Lagonav. As of 10:00 a.m. EDT, conditions on Lagonav are deteriorating. Our colleague Freda Catheus, also a native of Lagonav, reports flooding in the community of Pwentaraket and the collapse of a tin and tarp structure

  • 09.14.2016

    The Beyond Borders Fall 2016 Schools Not Slavery Newsletter is here! In it you’ll learn how Schools Not Slavery Partners helped free 104 girls and boys from slavery in the past year – and how you can become a partner and help free even more children. You’ll also get a glimpse of Beyond Borders new community based initiative to

  • 08.09.2016

    When rural parents are too poor to feed, clothe and educate their children, they sometimes make the agonizing decision to send their children away to live with others in the city, inadvertently putting their children at risk of becoming trapped in household slavery. Our Schools Not Slavery initiative is working to make sure rural families

  • 07.18.2016

    78 girls and boys were freed from household slavery in the school year that just ended, thanks to the generous support of Schools Not Slavery donors. Because of their care and concern, vulnerable children like Chinosda, an 11-year-old girl from the community of Debalen, are safe and free, back home with their families.

  • 06.27.2016

    Stepping in at a critical moment in a girl’s life changes everything for her and for future generations. Check out this three-minute video from our friends at The Girl Effect to see what we mean.

  • 04.26.2016

    The Beyond Borders Spring 2016 Girl Power Haiti! Newsletter is here! In it you’ll learn how you can help free and empower girls like Natacha, when you join the Girl Power Haiti! campaign. You’ll also get a glimpse of the new Power to Girls community and school-based violence prevention toolkit that’s already garnering international interest. Hear firsthand

  • 03.25.2016

    “It’s Friday…but Sunday’s comin’.” That’s the refrain from a famous sermon that is especially appropriate for the Easter season. The Friday in this sermon is Good Friday, the day of Jesus’ execution, when hatred seemed to have triumphed over love. The Sunday that is coming is Easter Sunday, when churches celebrate the resurrection of Jesus and the

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