10 Days Til Nat’l Day for the Elimination of Restavèk!

November 5, 2013

On Nov. 17, 2006, thousands of Haitian children--many former slaves--took to the streets to march against restavèk slavery. Ms. Kathya Pierre.  Mr. Michele Dessous.  Pastor Christmas Barjon.  These are just 3 of the thousands of Haitian leaders building the movementRead More »

What’s a ‘social movement’?

November 5, 2013

We get asked this question a lot. Because we don’t always function like many other organizations in Haiti, our work is sometimes a little more, well, challenging to explain. We help Haitians build social movements that they’ve started before usRead More »

Happy International Day of the Girl!

October 10, 2013

We love this video because it clearly shows how when you educate a girl, you change the world. If you like it, too, please share with friends! We’re passionate about working with girls. Why? Because when you set a girlRead More »

A Tale of Two Children

October 7, 2013

Ever wonder what a child in restavèk slavery might be doing right now? What about when you're at work? School? In this infographic (below), we compare the life of a Haitian child in school to one in slavery./ If you're asRead More »