Online Fundraising

You’re already on Facebook and Twitter, right? Now you can use them to help build the movement to end child slavery in Haiti!

Step 1: Sign-up

Sign-up for a free account on – a grassroots fundraising tool that offers quick, easy and efficient ways to invite your friends to support a cause you believe in, like ending child slavery!

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Step 2: Create Your Page 

Create your page on the Razoo website:  
All you need is a Cause: Beyond Borders, Inc. and a Fundraiser name: No Child a Slave

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Step 3: Become an Expert

Use the Toolkit below to populate your new Razoo fundraiser page with pictures and text that tell your friends all about the movement to end child slavery. Or, if you’ve been to Haiti before, use your own pics!


  • Video – Share our latest video on to build the movement to end child slavery.  You can post it to your Razoo page and share the YouTube link on Facebook, Twitter and via e-mail.
  • Pictures – Check out our Flickr page for a collection of photos that tell the story of our work to end child slavery in Haiti.  Use the pics to populate your Razoo page or create a slideshow you can share.
  • PowerPoint – Become an Expert!  Use our PowerPoint to learn everything you need to know to talk to your friends about the movement to end child slavery in Haiti.
  • Winter 2013 Newsletter – Our most recent newsletter has stories of hope and progress from on the ground in Haiti. Share it with your friends to inspire and inform them.
  • Flier – Tack these up at your fundraiser or simply pass them around to people you know, and encourage them to fundraise, too!

Step 4: Share

Share your fundraiser with the world!  Click on the ‘Share’ link at the top of your Razoo fundraiser for tools you can use to invite your friends and family on Facebook, Twitter and through e-mail to support your new fundraiser.

Let us help you.


Beyond Borders will be with you every step of the way. You can always e-mail Brian Stevens or Kendra Davis or call (202) 686-2088 for help in setting up your Razoo page or using the resources in our Toolkit to tell your friends and family why you’re fundraising to end child slavery now!