These Kids Are Making Their Own Schoolbooks

Thank you to all of our generous donors who are supporting high-quality education for children in rural Haiti. We are grateful for your support and for all that you make possible.

Take a look inside the classrooms at the Matènwa Community Learning Center. These kids are making their own schoolbooks, thanks to an approach pioneered by our partners at MCLC. And thanks to donors like you, we’re sharing this approach with schools across Lagonav Island.

These kids are not only creating their own schoolbooks, they’re outperforming the rest of rural Haiti in reading and comprehension* and they’re having a blast doing it!

Watch, enjoy, and then please share the link to this video with friends and family on social media:

Thank you!


*An MIT study compared Matènwa students with students in a sample of 84 other Haitian schools and determined that the Matènwa students had reading scores nearly three times better than the national average. Public Radio International featured the work of the Matènwa Community Learning Center, including the results of this study, on their daily news program The World, broadcast on public radio stations across the country. You can listen to the story by clicking here.