Guaranteeing Universal Access to Quality Education

Watch the video: Schools Gardens provide food for daily meals and help students and parents learn how to improve their farming techniques to produce higher yields.

Beyond Borders is working with our Haitian partners to ensure that even the poorest children are able to go to school.

We do this by:

  • supporting teacher training,
  • funding tuition matching programs,
  • creating textbook banks at schools to ensure every child has access to books,
  • planting school & community gardens; and,
  • networking neighboring schools in the most under-served regions so that they are sharing rather than fighting over scarce resources.

We help schools reach children who are the most vulnerable—children from the poorest families and children who have grown too old to start first grade. We provide training and materials to teachers to improve their performance and make schools more vibrant and liberating using non-violent, participatory teaching methods.

We mobilize local people to hold the government accountable for using new funding for education in the most responsible and effective way possible. We are also working to provide more tools and educational methods that teachers can use to prepare their students to face Haiti’s challenges outside the classroom and build a brighter future.

Schools Alive

Beyond Borders organizes school networks, teacher trainings, and the formation of parent teacher committees for school management.


Schools Not Slavery

Beyond Borders helps equip rural schools to identify and provide education for older unschooled children who are at greatest risk for being sent away.


Adult Literacy

More than half of Haiti’s adult population is illiterate. We provide adults the opportunity to learn to read and do basic math.