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Less than two years ago Marie-Ange and her seven children were trapped in absolute, abject poverty.


Rain poured through the roof of their two-room home. They lacked any reliable income, and Marie-Ange couldn’t send her children to school. They often went days without eating. Sometimes all they could do was beg.


With no clean water or medical care, they were frequently sick. With no functional latrine, they were forced to practice open defecation.


As a survivor of child slavery, Marie-Ange was determined not to send her children away, but it was getting harder by the day to keep her kids at home.


Then, someone like you stepped forward and gave Marie-Ange and her family the opportunity to change their lives with a place in Beyond Borders’ Family Graduation Program.


Beyond Borders'  graduation program is an 18-month poverty eradication approach that gives extremely poor families the training, resources, and confidence needed to create sustainable livelihoods and rise from poverty to independence with dignity.


This video highlights how in just 18-months families like Marie-Ange’s can move from a place of destitution and dependence to a life filled with dignity and hope.



More than 225 families - including Marie-Ange’s - have already graduated from the program with great success. But we can't stop there!


We’ve identified 110 more families in communities where we work that are trapped in the same kind of absolute poverty Marie-Ange and her family endured.


We cannot invite these new participants to begin the program until we have the resources to support all 110 families.

We urgently need people like you! 

Will you pledge to sponsor a family today?
The commitment is $100/month for 18 months or $1,800.

We have pledges for 85 families - we need 25 more. 

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Thank you so much for your generosity, your care, and your concern for vulnerable families in Haiti like Marie-Ange’s.