We’ve got exciting news to share — and it’s all thanks to the generosity of people like you! A just-completed survey found that in four of the five communities surveyed, more than 96% of all school-aged children in school. By comparison, just 73% of all school-aged children are in school nationwide in Haiti. Children who aren’t in school are much more vulnerable to abuse, neglect, and enslavement.
Here’s a look at the results from five communities on Lagonav Island where Schools Not Slavery is at work.
 Jan. 2015  Jan. 2017   Total Students Enrolled as of Jan. 2017
Fonnèg    80.1%    87.9%                         499
Gransous    81.3%    96.2%                         563
Masikren    84.6%    99.8%                         541
Matènwa    81.7%    99.8%                         522
Nan Kafe    84.8%    99.6%                         936
There’s still more work to be done, however, to ensure that every community where we work reaches 100% enrollment and to expand this approach to even more communities. Later this year we’ll be surveying additional Schools Not Slavery communities, including Bouziyet, Chenkontan, Debalen, and Tikoma and we’ll share those results as we get them.

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