Rise – From poverty to independence with dignity.

“When I entered the program with 7 children, I had nothing.”

Marie-Ange Renesca lives in the community of Chenkontan on the island of Lagonav, a remote region in Haiti. Prior to her participation in the Rise graduation program, Marie-Ange’s family was struggling.

In just 18-months her life has completely changed.


“Now I feel good… Now I have a home, we sleep well, my children sleep well. I have animals and a garden; we eat everyday.”

In 2016, Beyond Borders piloted its graduation program, partnering families in North America with Haitian families living in extreme poverty as they participate in the Rise program. Rise is an 18-month poverty eradication approach proven to be effective, sustainable and cost-effective.

The Rise program gives extremely poor families the training, resources, and confidence needed to create sustainable livelihoods and rise from poverty to independence with dignity.