Ending Violence Against Women & Girls

1 in 3 Haitian women and girls have experienced domestic or sexual violence. While the most direct, negative impact of this violence is on the physical and mental health of the survivor herself, the whole community suffers. Children conceived through rape are especially vulnerable. The risk of sexually transmitted disease, including HIV, is greatly increased, and economic development is also jeopardized.

Beyond Borders’ community-based initiative, Rethinking Power, works to address the root causes of this violence—the imbalance in power between women and men in Haitian society. Each day in towns and villages throughout southeastern Haiti, dozens of female and male activists, community and religious leaders, and other powerful groups are working together to spark community change.

Rethinking Power equips these leaders to help people examine the power relationships in their day to day lives and become activists in the various roles they play as market women, motorcycle-taxi drivers, students, pastors, and much more. Beyond Borders works with key people in 8 Haitian communities to help them examine their power to address violence against women and girls and HIV/AIDS.

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