We All Have Power.
How Are You Using Yours?

Rethinking Power Community Activists starting a dialogue about power balances.

Haitian communities are asking themselves this question as they figure out how to prevent and respond to violence against women and HIV/AIDS.

They use posters, pamphlets and other materials, that asks this question and many others in Haitian Creole, to generate dialogue about power.

But the question is good for each of us. How are we using our power?

One way to use your power well is to examine the power imbalance in your community and the world, and how this leads to violence against women and girls.

Here are some ideas on how you can use your power to prevent violence against women and girls and HIV/AIDS:

    • Learn more about rape, domestic violence, and other forms of violence against women and girls:  What causes it? Who does it hurt? What does it look like in your community? In Haiti?
    • Talk to a friend or family member about what you learn.  If you are a parent, talk to your kids about it- both boys and girls. If you are apart of a faith community, start a dialogue in your place of worship. Everyone can find someone to talk with and create a debate.
    • Find out ways to support a survivor of violence in your life — usually, the first step is to listen and be available.
    • Support our work, and support a local organization in your area.  Support can be through money, materials, contacts, and time.

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