Epple Seed Arts


Epple Seed Arts works together with Haitian artisans to build on their vision of a new Haiti. We purchase amazing crafts from Haitian artisans at a fair price and make them available in the US at fair prices. After covering costs, proceeds from sales go back into artisan communities and cultural exchange programs, such as Artist Pilgrimage of Hope, which promote solidarity. 

Our particular method of working with Haitian artisans differs from aid organizations. Epple Seed Arts connects with people who have unique, hard-earned and valuable skills and vision, and we enable these artisans to share their work. They can then build up their own communities through the jobs and revenue created by our orders. As opposed to only giving food, water, shelter, or temporary work, Epple Seed Arts puts power in the hands of these artisans to provide for themselves. In this way, they do not become solely dependent upon our assistance, but they themselves become a resource to open up other commercial avenues into their own communities. On average each employed artist supports nine other family and extended family members, and they in turn spend money within their own neighborhoods thereby lifting whole communities. By bringing attention to the quality artwork and craftsmanship of Haiti, Epple Seed Arts hope to encourage others to seek out these artists and value the beautiful creations of this troubled yet beautiful land.


An important part of this project is the selling of the artwork in the United States. As opposed to having a single gallery that people would have to visit to view and purchase artwork, Epple Seed Arts will be creating mobile art shows that can be held wherever there are people willing to host. In addition to a selection of artwork and crafts accompanied by profiles of their respective creators, the shows will also include a presentation by Jeff Rogers. Jeff is the founder of Epple Seed Arts and a potter who has had a personal connection to Haiti ever since he first spent time living there. His brief introduction to Haiti’s artists will include an overview of the artists’ lives, the struggles of the Haitian people, and his personal insights from living in Haiti and working in the world of its artisans. This is an enriching addition to the exhibition that will provide patrons the opportunity to know more about the art and the people who are inspired to create it.

Please visit www.eppleseedarts.com for more information and to purchase art work!