Beyond Borders works to overcome poverty, prevent violence and abuse, and develop leaders in Haiti.

Our Mission

Beyond Borders helps people build movements to liberate themselves from oppression and isolation.  In Haiti and the United States, we are bringing people together for just and lasting change.

We support movements in Haiti to:

  • End child servitude
  • Guarantee universal access to quality education
  • Prevent violence against women and girls
  • Replace systems that oppress the poor with systems that support dignified work and sustainable livelihoods

Our Vision

We see in Haiti the seed for a new world, where…

People overcome great challenges by learning to question, dream, and act together

Women and men find more power by balancing power equally

Families and communities thrive on foundations of trust and mutual respect

Diversity is seen as a sign of strength

All children grow up surrounded by people who love, nurture, and educate them

We all find deeper meaning in our lives by coming to value truth over comfort, sharing over having, and justice over personal gain

Our People & Partners

  • Tony Brunswick, Washington, DC
  • Yasmine Cajuste, Port-au-Prince, Haiti
  • Leigh Carter, Washington, DC
  • Ancito Etienne, Somerville, MA
  • Mary Gunning, Baltimore, MD
  • Carolyn Heinrich, Nashville, TN
  • Georgette Jean-Louis, Port-au-Prince, Haiti
  • Lu Johnston, Wilmington, DE
  • Caitlin Ryan, Washington, DC
  • Jean Eddy Saint Paul, Brooklyn, NY
  • Sister Sharon Slear, SSND, Baltimore, MD
  • Claudette Werleigh, Pembroke Pines, FL
  • Gerson Belford, Office Assistant
  • Jean Robert Bouloute, Finance Coordinator
  • Alina Cajuste, Community Organizer
  • Mathania Chapon, Psycho-Social Support Officer
  • Lefort Cily, Child Rights Technical Support Officer
  • Guyto Desrosiers, Program Coordinator
  • Gladys François, Finance Assistant
  • Cassandre Gaspard, Finance Officer
  • Menoty Georges, Logistics & Security Coordinator
  • Friztno Jean, Monitoring & Evaluation Officer
  • Charlo Jérôme, Logistics Officer
  • Florence Laforest, Human Resources Coordinator
  • Helia LaJeunesse, Community Organizer
  • Yoosely S. Leconte, Monitoring & Evaluation Manager
  • Jean Max Poinvil, Office Guard
  • Ima Selusma, Office Housekeeper
  • Joseph Leroy Wood, Adult Survivor Support Officer
  • Rosenie Aladin, Finance Assistant
  • Marie Solange Beauvil, Program Administrator
  • Marie Maude Charles, Local Activism Staff
  • Adonis Daniel, Local Activism Staff
  • Homène Felix, Office Cook/Housekeeper
  • Patrick Hilaire, Operational Manager
  • Bernadine Jean, Monitoring and Evaluation Officer
  • Jean Elie Joseph, EU Program Coordinator
  • Meritil Lormand, Office Messenger
  • Emanuela Paul, Program Coordinator
  • Marie Isnise Romelus, Technical Support Manager
  • Katerine Vitale, Mentor Support Officer
  • Rosé Alfred, Education Officer
  • Kenold Bazile, Monitoring & Evaluation Assistant
  • Nicole Bisrette, Finance Assistant
  • Christnel Brivard, Child Protection Officer
  • Freda Catheus, Program Coordinator
  • Dieufort Eliassaint, Office Messenger/Guard
  • Obnèse Jean, Office Cook/Housekeeper
  • Sonel Joseph, Child Protection Officer
  • Delande Louis, Office Guard
  • Wilma Nonnombre, Office Guard
  • Enold Richard, Logistics Assistant on Lagonav
  • Jean Denis Thimau, Child Protection Officer
  • Emmanuel Coffy, Finance Officer
  • David Diggs, Co-Founder and Executive Director
  • Jean Prosper Elie, Rethinking Power Program Co-Director
  • Angela Galbreath, Communications Coordinator
  • Jonathan Haggard, Finance Director
  • Smith Maxime, Model Community Initiative Program Director
  • Limeteze Pierre-Gilles, Assistant Director of Engagement
  • Sara Siebert, Rethinking Power Program Co-Director and VAWG Prevention Specialist
  • Brian Stevens, Engagement Director
  • Kristie van de Wetering, Deputy Executive Director
  • Aba Sistèm Restavèk (ASR)
  • Asosyasyon Animatè ak Peyizan Lagonav (AAPLAG)
  • Asosyasyon Fanm Solèy Dayiti (AFASDA)
  • Bureau des Avocats Internationaux (BAI)
  • Bureau des Travailleuses et Travailleurs pour la Défense des Droits Humains (BTRADH)
  • Congregation of Religious of Jesus and Mary
  • Doctors Without Borders – Holland (MSF-Holland)
  • Fondation TOYA
  • Fondasyon Je Klere
  • Fonkoze
  • Global Women’s Institute at The George Washington University
  • Groundswell International & Partnership for Local Development
  • Initiative pour un Développement Equitable en Haiti (IDEH)
  • Locally Haiti
  • Matènwa Community Learning Center/Friends of Matènwa
  • Mouvman Peyizan Papay (MPP)
  • Pazapa
  • Prodiksyon Teyat Toupatou
  • Raising Voices (Uganda)
  • World University Services of Canada (WUSC)
  • World Vision
  • Ansara Family Fund
  • American Jewish World Service
  • Atlantic-Midwest Province of the School Sisters of Notre Dame
  • Bryn Mawr Presbyterian Church
  • Conrad C. Hilton Foundation
  • European Commission
  • Flora Family Foundation
  • Imago Dei Foundation
  • The Metro-Manhattan (NY) Chapter of The Links, Incorporated
  • NoVo Foundation
  • One Day’s Wages
  • Gordon and Marjorie Osborne Foundation
  • Alliance for Children Fund
  • United Methodist Committee on Relief
  • United Nations Trust Fund to End Violence Against Women
  • Vista Hermosa Foundation

Our Identity

Beyond Borders was founded in response to the challenge of Jesus’s words and life of radical love. In all we do we attempt to measure our success by this standard. We welcome all, regardless of their faith, who will join us in supporting these movements for liberation. We find strength and wisdom in the dialogue that diversity allows.

We make a real difference in Haiti because of the approach we take. We follow the Haitian proverb that says, “The rock in the water doesn’t understand the misery of the rock in the sun.” We work hand-in-hand with the Haitian people, understanding that they know how to best address the issues that they face. We provide resources to build grassroots, community-based movements that lead to sustainable, positive change.

We invite you to learn more about Beyond Borders, the difference we’re making, and how you can get involved.

You may think that the needs are too great, but you are more powerful than you know. Even the smallest act can make a big difference.
We’re looking forward to working with you!

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