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  • 05.11.2022

    Thank you again for your generous support for Beyond Borders. I am so grateful. You are supporting a growing movement of women and men in Haiti who are working tirelessly to overcome poverty, prevent violence and abuse, and develop leaders. You can read the latest on their work — work that you make possible through

  • 02.08.2022

    In case you missed it, my colleagues Emanuela and Sara were recently invited to join a UN Trust Fund to Prevent Violence Against Women webinar. Emanuela and Sara share how the team has adapted empowerment programming for girls living with disabilities during difficult circumstances in Haiti. Here’s a link to the full webinar. Emanuela and

  • 12.09.2021

    Mireille transformed her trauma in to strength to become a leader. We’ve all been wounded in some way. Thankfully, we’re not all survivors of something like child slavery that threatened our very existence. Today Beyond Borders is launching the More Than a Survivor campaign to invest in survivors like Mireille, a leader in the fight to end

  • 09.11.2021

    It has now been almost a month since the devastation of Haiti’s most recent earthquake which killed 2,207 people and injured over 12,000, on August 14th, 2021. The earthquake which shook Haiti’s southwestern provinces, was followed shortly after by Tropical Depression Grace further disrupting access to water, sanitation, shelter and other basic services.  As of

  • 08.18.2021

    Drenching Haiti with over 10 inches of rain in some areas, Tropical Storm Grace, triggered mudslides and complicated rescue efforts in the most earthquake devastated areas on Monday evening into the early morning on Tuesday, August 17th. Desperate for shelter, many Haitians spent Monday night huddled under tarps or plastic sheets in makeshift shelters, while

  • 08.16.2021

    Well, when it rains it pours. And now as I write this update to you, thanks to Tropical Storm Grace, it is pouring in southern Haiti on the multitudes made homeless by Saturday’s earthquake. And even those not made homeless are staying outdoors because of the aftershocks and fears of another quake. Along with other

  • 07.19.2021

    If you’re following the unfolding story in the news about the assassination of Haiti’s president, you know a few things: Haiti is in an ongoing struggle with violence and lawlessness — one that began long before the murder of the president. This assassination further complicated a constitutional crisis and a power struggle among the remaining

  • 07.07.2021

    Early this morning the President of Haiti, Jovenel Moise, was assassinated at his home near Port-au-Prince. This Miami Herald article provides more details. We are deeply saddened by this act of violence and the broader wave of lawlessness that has gripped Haiti’s capital. The president’s murder comes during a dramatic escalation of gang violence that has terrorized

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