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You can equip a family in Haiti to break the generational cycle of extreme poverty. 30 of 160 families still need a sponsor.
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Join the movement to end poverty, violence, and injustice in Haiti.

Local leaders, Lasting change

Beyond Borders brings proven expertise that equips local leaders to make lasting change — even in challenging times.

Your support leverages their power to make Haiti a nation free of child servitude and violence against women, a nation where every child goes to a good school, and dignified work feeds the souls and bodies of every citizen.

 Movements that transform.

Overcoming Poverty

Overcoming Poverty

Haitian families trapped in a generational cycle of extreme poverty face so many challenges all at once. Using a globally proven approach, Beyond Borders’ Family Graduation Program equips families to permanently escape hunger, homelessness, and extreme poverty in 24 months.

Preventing Violence

Preventing Violence

One in eight Haitian children is trapped in servitude. One in three girls experiences violence by age 18. We organize communities to stop generational cycles of violence, addressing root causes like extreme poverty, lack of quality schooling, and the imbalance in power between women and men.

Developing Leaders

Developing Leaders

Haiti is facing a leadership crisis. Beyond Borders invests in local leadership — including survivors of child servitude and domestic violence — building movements to overcome poverty and prevent violence. Since 2010, we’ve trained 75,000 women and men who are working to transform Haiti from the bottom up.


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Beyond Borders uses proven approaches to achieve lasting impacts.

Researchers at the Global Women’s Institute at The George Washington University found that Beyond Borders’ work to prevent violence against women and girls reduced intimate partner violence by more than 50 percent, community-wide.

Researchers in the journal Science found that the approach we use to lift families out of extreme poverty delivered “large and lasting impacts on the standard of living” of participants after testing the model in six countries over three years.

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Beyond Borders is consistently rated one of the best nonprofits by America’s leading independent evaluators of charities. It’s a reflection of our commitment to both financial transparency and accountability to every donor.

Our Federal Employer Identification Number is 23-2713126

Why Haiti?

Beyond Borders sees in Haiti the seeds for a new world where people overcome great challenges by learning to question, dream, and act together.