Research Backed

Our programs are designed based on research. Beyond Borders benefits from partnering with research institutions focusing on our areas of mission. We glean useful information that enhances our work in addition to meaningfully contributing to the advancement of knowledge. We believe that inquiry and study is an essential tool in the movements to end poverty and prevent violence and abuse worldwide.

Evidence Based

Consistent monitoring and evaluation advance and inform every Beyond Borders’ initiative. In addition to conducting regular internal studies of the efficacy of the work, we also engage independent researcher institutions for outside evaluation. In this way, the programs are always evolving to better respond to the particular circumstances of each community.

United in Purpose

Beyond Borders collaborates with other organizations with overlapping missions. We are a founding member of the Haiti Response Coalition, an umbrella group for non-profit organizations working in Haiti. We are also a member of The Graduation Approach, a coalition of diverse organizations from around the world using the graduation model of escaping extreme poverty.