After the rain: Haiti update

photo by Jean Paul Saint Fleur

Drenching Haiti with over 10 inches of rain in some areas, Tropical Storm Grace, triggered mudslides and complicated rescue efforts in the most earthquake devastated areas on Monday evening into the early morning on Tuesday, August 17th.

Desperate for shelter, many Haitians spent Monday night huddled under tarps or plastic sheets in makeshift shelters, while others made the equally dangerous and difficult decision to seek shelter in their quake-damaged homes to avoid the increasingly intense downpour. Without emergency shelter, families are left with few choices to protect their children from the elements.

In collaboration with the Haiti Response Coalition, nearly 1600 tarps have be purchased and distribution has begun today, but more support is needed to provide community leaders with the resources they need to distribute in their communities. 

While the rain has stopped, the consequences of the storm will continue to impede search and rescue areas in the most remote areas, where mudslides have covered roadways. 

Latest reports suggest over 1,900 have been killed and nearly 10,000 injured by Saturday’s earthquake. An estimated 115,815 people have been directly affected with more than 52,000 homes reported destroyed and more than 62,000 homes damaged. With much of the damage occurring in remote areas, we are expecting for the numbers of tragic deaths and injuries to continue to rise. 

In Jacmel, Beyond Borders’ office experienced significant flooding during Monday evening and some of our staff reported water entering their homes in the South East of Haiti, all while the team continues to grapple with the trauma of another earthquake. 

Please continue to keep our team and the people of Haiti in your thoughts and prayers.