Distribution in January of goats to participants in the Family Graduation Program living near Palma, Haiti.

I am happy to share that, thanks to our generous Family Sponsors, in January the Family Graduation Program really began to ramp up!

Families began receiving the animals they will raise, breed, and sell as part of their journey out of extreme poverty. Goats and donkeys were distributed, with more animals like chickens and pigs to be distributed later.

 Families also began receiving water filters and case managers began making weekly visits to each family. A program nurse was also contracted to work with families to address any health issues, including children suffering from malnutrition.

The distribution of weekly cash stipends began and a Village Savings and Loan Association project officer was recruited to support families with the creation of branches in their communities.

As I shared last month, this journey out of extreme poverty will be challenging for families. They will face many trials, but the generous sponsorship provided by people like you will make all the difference. Sponsors give families the support they’ll need to overcome any obstacles and to lift themselves out of extreme poverty.

As of today, 46 of 160 families have sponsors. Can you sponsor a family? The cost is $100/month for 24 months. Brian Stevens, Beyond Borders Engagement Director, can pair you with a family today. You can email him at b.stevens@beyondborders.net or call or text him at (305) 450-2561.

And to those Beyond Borders supporters already sponsoring a family, thank you for standing in solidarity with them during this difficult time in Haiti. You are making their journey out of extreme poverty possible.

In Kochon Mawon, Haiti Family Graduation Program participants will begin using these water filtration systems.

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