From Child Trafficker to Child Rights Activist

On Lagonav Island, the Atlantic-Midwest Province of the School Sisters of Notre Dame is partnering with Beyond Borders to protect vulnerable children from slavery and abuse.

Here are two aspects of the work that the Beyond Borders-SSND Partnership makes possible: supporting adult survivors of child slavery as they work to raise awareness among adults about the dangers of sending children away to live with others, and training more than 1,000 women and men annually to stop the flow of children from their communities in to slavery.

In the story below, Mrs. Derival Parnelle Laurent – who trafficked 43 children before changing her ways – begins to reconsider what she was doing after attending an event organized by adult survivors of child slavery – work that is made possible through the Beyond Borders-SSND Partnership.

Click on this link to open a PDF copy of the article that can be downloaded or printed: Background on Anti-Trafficking Efforts Supported by the BB-AMSSND Partnership