For churches, colleges/universities or other groups and organizations that make a commitment to supporting one of the four movements that are the focus of Beyond Borders’ work, we offer reflective trips to Haiti designed to open opportunities for authentic dialogue between visitors and their Haitian hosts.

Instead of being isolated behind resort walls and insulated from the reality most local people live, Beyond Borders takes visitors into the heart of Haiti. We do this because we believe that the best gift you can bring Haiti’s people is a desire to listen, learn, and be changed.

Meet with local leaders

Participants will come to Haiti for a week and meet with local leaders who are building the movements to:

End Child Slavery

End Violence Against Women and Girls

Guarantee Universal Access to Quality Education

Support Sustainable Livelihoods

Be hosted by Haitien Families

You will be hosted by typical Haitian families in their homes, usually with no electricity or running water. Even without these conveniences you will encounter a level of hospitality that will likely surpass anything you’ve experienced.

You will be assigned a translator who will help you build authentic relationships with people in the communities you visit and make sense of the new cultural realities that surround you. She/He will also guide you in making your visit a safe and healthy experience.

These journeys offer a life-changing chance to see the world from the other side of the global economic divide and the challenge to live in authentic solidarity with others. The experience is very different from the many work teams and short-term mission groups that frequent Haiti. The objectives include: deepening the relationship between Beyond Borders and our supporters, growing participants’ awareness of the root causes of poverty and injustice in Haiti and developing a critical mass of people in North America who can support our work and engage in a larger movement.

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