Your Fundraising Campaign starts here!

Together we can do great things! Fundraising can be fun and it’s the best way to be in solidarity with those building the movements to end child slavery, guarantee universal access to quality primary education, prevent violence against women and girls, and help families to lift themselves out of poverty.

Step 1: Rally Your Networks

We’re firm believers that there is power in numbers. Reach out to the people you see every day, whether it’s friends and family, members of your community group, sports team, work colleagues, or your congregation, and let them know that you’re raising funds to support Beyond Borders in Haiti.

Step 2: Choose Your Fundraiser

 Step 3: Go Online

Enhance your fundraiser using the Internet and social media. You can now start a fundraiser for Beyond Borders on Facebook. Just visit our Facebook page to get started:

Step 4: Become an Expert

Use our Toolkit below to learn more about Beyond Borders work, and tell your friends and family about it, too. And if you’ve been to Haiti before, use your own experiences to captivate your followers!


  • Video – Share one of our YouTube videos on Facebook, Twitter, or via e-mail.
  • Pictures – Check out our Facebook page for a collection of photos that tell the story of our work and share them with family and friends.
  • PowerPoint – Become an Expert!  Use our PowerPoint to learn everything you need to know to talk to your friends about the movement to end child slavery in Haiti.
  • Latest Newsletter – Our most recent newsletter has stories of hope and progress from on the ground in Haiti. Share it with your friends to inspire and inform them.

Let us help.

Beyond Borders will be with you every step of the way. You can always e-mail Brian Stevens or call (202) 686-2088 for help in setting up your fundraiser or using the resources in our Toolkit.