Natacha was nine-years-old when she was sent from her rural Haitian village to live with a family she didn’t know in Port-au-Prince. Almost immediately, she lost all contact with her parents.

The promise of being sent to school wasn’t fulfilled. Instead, her host family forced her to start work before anyone else in the house rose. And her work continued even after everyone else had gone to bed.

Her bed was a piece of cardboard on the floor. Even in the dead of night she was not really free to rest. The family’s oldest son would kick Natacha in the head to get her to rise and fetch water from the public fountain in the dark.

Then, after six years of slavery, Natacha’s nightmare finally came to an end. Her mom took part in a Beyond Borders program that helps rural parents understand the risks their children face of becoming enslaved when they are sent to live with other families.

“After that training, I knew I had to go and find Natacha,” her mom said. She received help finding and bringing Natacha back home and getting her in school.

Right now, you can help free and educate more girls like Natacha when you give to Schools Not Slavery. Donate Now!

Your gift helps parents like Natacha’s find and free their children, bring them home and get them started in school.

And when you give by Dec. 31st, your gift will have twice the impact for children like Natacha, thanks to a group of generous donors who will match your gift dollar-for-dollar.

Thank you for helping to free more girls like Natacha.

With deep gratitude,

David Diggs


PS- 100% of your gift goes to our work to free children like Natacha in Haiti – thanks to a generous group of private donors who are funding our operating costs.

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