Intimate Partner Violence Declines by More Than 50%

“Women have come to see that their worth isn’t conditional, and men have learned that women have the same rights as men.” – Roseline Pantaleon

Beyond Borders’ community-based initiative, Rethinking Power, works to prevent violence against women and girls in Haiti by addressing the root causes of  violence – the imbalance in power between women and men.

And it’s working! A study in the British medical journal The Lancet found that the approach we use to prevent violence against women and girls reduces intimate partner violence by more than 50% community-wide.

Each day in towns and villages throughout Haiti, thousands of trained female and male activists are working with community and religious leaders and ordinary people from all walks of life – market women, motorcycle-taxi drivers, students, pastors, and many more – to spark community change.

Rethinking Power equips people with the skills they need to examine the power relationships in their day-to-day lives and to commit to balancing power between women and men, for the benefit of their children, their families, themselves, and everyone in the community.

Here are three testimonies of change from participants in Rethinking Power. (Click here or on the image below to download a PDF you can save or print.)

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