Kids Growing Their Own Freedom


I want to share a recent experience with you.

This spring I visited Lagonav, Haiti’s largest island and one of its poorest regions. What I saw there filled my heart with joy.

A growing number of school gardens are being launched by our partners at the Matenwa Community Learning Center, becoming one of the most visible new signs of hope. The harvest from these gardens not only fills the empty stomachs of school children, it fills their minds with creativity and wonder.

In rural Haiti, when education begins to thrive, child slavery disappears.


Watch this video to see how:

Hunger goes hand-in-hand with poverty as one of the main reasons impoverished rural parents send their children away to a city to live in restavèk, a modern form of slavery.

School gardens feed young bodies, but they also feed the rural soul, promising that life there is as important as it is in the city. They give students a reason and a means to stay and contribute to their own community, which helps the entire community flourish.

With the support from people like you, Beyond Borders can work with local partners to spread this vibrant initiative to many schools all over the country. This generosity will nurture hope and new life in Haiti.

Thank you.



David Diggs

Executive Director