Listen to Rethinking Power’s New Creole-Language Radio Spot

Marie Isnise Romelus, left, and Marie Maude Charles, right, help lead Beyond Borders’ work to prevent violence against women and girls in more than 100 communities in Haiti.

Beyond Borders’ community-based initiative, Rethinking Power, is working in more than 100 communities to prevent violence against women and girls by addressing the root causes of domestic violence: the imbalance in power between women and men in Haitian society.

Each day in towns and villages throughout Haiti, hundreds of female and male activists, community and religious leaders, and other powerful groups trained by Beyond Borders are working together to spark community change.

Rethinking Power equips these leaders to help their friends, family, and neighbors to examine the power relationships in their day-to-day lives and to become activists in the various roles they play as market women, motorcycle-taxi drivers, students, pastors, and much more.

One way the team does this is through radio. In Haiti, radio is power. No other medium can deliver facts as widely and shape opinion as broadly. From early in the morning to late into the night, radio is a constant companion for the vast majority of Haitians who get their news, opinion, sports and entertainment from it. It is impossible to overstate the influence radio holds in Haitian society.

Click the link below to download and listen to Rethinking Power’s newest Creole-language radio spot aimed at human rights and women’s rights organizations in Haiti. And thank you so much for your generous support to prevent violence against women and girls in Haiti.

Rethinking Power Radio Spot