When Beyond Borders put out a call for seamstresses and tailors within our network, Fabiola jumped to the front of the line.

Well aware of the danger the coronavirus presents to her family, her community, and her country, Fabiola was still eager for the chance to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Fabiola — a member of the Port-au-Prince Adult Survivor Network created and supported by Beyond Borders — is one of 30 women and men busy sewing masks.

The initiative gets much-needed masks to those who don’t have them, and provides volunteers like Fabiola the chance to use their skills and talents to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 and save lives.

Will you join Fabiola in this mask-making, life-saving movement?

You can make a gift in support of her work and get your gift matched at www.Haiti-Covid.org.

Using mask-sewing instructions based on CDC guidelines, Fabiola and her fellow mask-makers just completed the first batch of 4,000. Distribution begins this weekend.

That’s just in time, as a new government mandate requiring that everyone wear a mask in public takes effect Monday. Those receiving masks also get information on how to properly wear, remove, and wash it, along with other virus-prevention techniques.

In fact, Fabiola and her fellow survivors have already been instrumental in getting critical virus-prevention messages and hygiene kits out to their communities, distributing 2,400 kits so far.

Soon they’ll launch community awareness-raising campaigns in Port-au-Prince, Jacmel, and on Lagonav Island aimed at protecting children and reducing the risk of violence against women and girls during this crisis.

But right now we urgently need to begin sewing another batch of 6,000 masks.

Can you make a gift now so that Fabiola and her fellow mask-makers can get back to work?

Thank you again for your solidarity, your care, and your concern in these challenging times. 

With appreciation,

Kristie van de Wetering
Deputy Executive Director | Beyond Borders

PS – You can join Fabiola in this mask-making movement and get your gift matched now at www.Haiti-Covid.org.

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