Meet Alaudy, a Girls Club Leader in Haiti!

In the community of La Vallée in southeast Haiti, Beyond Borders’ Girls Clubs meet each week in safe spaces facilitated by female mentors, like Alaudy!

Alaudy (25) works with two Girls Clubs in two age categories, one group is comprised of girls aged 10 – 14, the other includes girls aged 15 – 19 years old. In the clubs, girls learn to advocate for themselves, be educated about their bodies and reproductive health, learn that girls and boys are equal in all aspects of life, express their opinions and be heard, become active members of their community and identify resources for reporting abuse if they experience or witness it.

The important knowledge and skills taught in Girls Clubs have the potential to transform the lives of girls, like those in Alaudy’s groups, as they enter into young adulthood as confident young women who know their power, have agency over their own bodies and a strong understanding of their rights!

“This work is making a lot of difference. In the past, girls were shy and never wanted to talk. Today, they all speak up and have interesting ideas to share. The work is bringing a better life for everyone in the community”

Girls Clubs are an element of Beyond Borders’ broader Rethinking Power initiative, that is working to address the root causes of violence against women and girls – the power imbalance between women and men in Haitian society.

Each day in towns and villages throughout southeastern Haiti, female and male activists, community leaders and groups, like Girls Clubs, are working together to spark the change Alaudy sees in her community!