Meet one of the dedicated caseworkers who are accompanying families in Beyond Borders’ Hurricane Matthew Response Program.

Yvrose St. Luc (photo) is one of six full-time caseworkers with the Asosyasyon Animatè ak Peyizan Lagonave (AAPLAG), one of Beyond Borders’ primary partner organizations on Lagonav Island.

Yvrose and her colleagues are supporting the 230 families participating in Beyond Borders’ Hurricane Matthew Response Program. The generous support of people like you makes Yvrose’s work and the work of her colleagues possible. Thank you!

The goal of Yvrose and every caseworker is to ensure that families successfully complete the 18-month recovery process and are able to live independently and with dignity.

What do caseworkers like Yvrose do as they accompany families through the recovery process?

Caseworkers are key to ensuring that a family successfully graduates from the recovery program. Once a week, caseworkers like Yvrose visit families to evaluate their progress. Weekly coaching visits reinforce newly learned skills, build confidence and help families handle any challenges that may arise.

Each family has a personal notebook that is used to track their progress.  Notes from the weekly visits include business and life decisions made by each family together with their caseworker’s support.

“As caseworkers who accompany families, we work with the most vulnerable people,” Yvrose said, “families who are in dire economic and emotional circumstances. I’m proud of the work we do.”

Yvrose and her colleagues focus on three key areas when visiting families:

  • Child Welfare & EducationCaseworkers help ensure that every child in every family is enrolled in a quality school in the Beyond Borders’ School Not Slavery Network on Lagonav Island. Caseworkers also introduce the parents to their neighborhood Child Protection Brigade.  These Brigades help parents to understand and protect the rights of children and help parents who’ve sent their children away to bring them home.
  • Personal Hygiene & Healthcare:  Caseworkers ensure that families have a water purification filter and that they know how to use and maintain it. Caseworkers also provide health education (on subjects like HIV/AIDS, prenatal and postnatal hygiene, nutritious eating, basic hygiene and using latrines) and facilitate access to healthcare so that families stay healthy and are able to work.
  • Financial & Business Planning: Families gets training from their caseworker on how to manage and grow their new income-generating assets, and to plan and save for the future.

People like you make the work of Yvrose and her colleagues possible. Thank you!

Your generous support means that these families are well on their way to making a full recovery from Hurricane Matthew.

With deep gratitude,

David Diggs, Director

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