More Than a Survivor

Mireille transformed her trauma into strength to become a leader.

Mireille transformed her trauma in to strength to become a leader.

We’ve all been wounded in some way. Thankfully, we’re not all survivors of something like child slavery that threatened our very existence.

Today Beyond Borders is launching the More Than a Survivor campaign to invest in survivors like Mireille, a leader in the fight to end child slavery, oppression, and extreme poverty in Haiti.

You can watch Mireille — who transformed her trauma in to strength — tell her own story in a short video at

Since 2011, 720 enslaved girls and boys have been freed — and thousands more spared from slavery in the first place — thanks to Mireille and more than 1,000 members of our Adult Survivors Network.

Your investment in the work of these courageous women and men — in their healing and their power to heal others — will make all the difference.

Go to to hear Mireille tell her story and join her in the fight to end child slavery.

With deep gratitude,

David Diggs
Co-Founder & Executive Director | Beyond Borders

PS – A group of donors believe so strongly in the work of Mireille and her fellow survivors that they’ve pledged to match every gift — up to $170,000 — doubling your impact. Please give now and give generously.