We are finishing out week 9 of lock down at home and week 9 since the first coronavirus case was declared in Haiti.  I hope this finds you and your loved ones still healthy and safe.

I promised to keep you updated on what is happening in Haiti – with the virus, with our team and what we are doing on the frontlines of this critical fight to literally save lives.  Now seemed like the perfect time to do so, as I’ve just come from another meeting with our Emergency Management Team in Haiti.

During these meetings, I also share how you and so many like you are behind the scenes encouraging and supporting their efforts – by sharing our updates with family & friends, engaging with us on social media and providing critical funds to keep our efforts going. 

First, the latest:

  • Officially, confirmed Covid-19 cases in Haiti have exploded over the past 3 weeks with numbers rising daily; 25 people have died, 21 people have recovered. These are the official numbers but we know that the level of infection & death is much, much higher,
  • The hospitals that are able to treat patients have reached their capacity & the Haitian government’s plan to set up coronavirus treatment centers across the country is severely delayed,
  • Acts of violence against women & girls are on the rise, as the crisis exacerbates power imbalances and inequality,
  • Food prices are on the rise, the local currency continues to depreciate and disruption of economic activities are pushing the most vulnerable deeper into poverty (almost 4 million Haitians were already facing hunger before the pandemic),

Our incredible staff and network of volunteers in Port-au-Prince, Jacmel, and Lagonav Island have been busy! We are:

  • on our way to finish distributing 10,000 face masks sewn by members of our networks, including adult survivors of child slavery,
  • sending out more than 120 members from our networks — trained, energized & equipped with megaphones & messages to share in neighborhoods to stop the spread and save lives,
  • working with a local partner to provide seeds & vegetable plants to 200 of the most vulnerable families so they can grow their own food and become more food secure,
  • playing a leading role in efforts to ensure plans are in place at a national and community-level to protect vulnerable children from increased risk of trafficking and exploitation,
  • countering the increase risks of violence against women & children (including women & girls living with disabilities) with new, pandemic-themed messages on radio, via text & WhatsApp messages designed to rally communities to prevent violence before it happens.

In the face of these overwhelming challenges, my colleagues are standing strong.  But they made it clear again today:  the situation remains critical, and the window of opportunity we have to act is closing quickly.

We are doing what we can with what we have, but we want – we need – to do more.

We are nearly 75% of the way toward our goal of raising a minimum of $250k.

Can you help us continue this life-saving work with a gift to Beyond Borders COVID-19 Emergency Response?


Your gift will be doubled by a group of generous donors who have pledged to match each gift.

We are all in this together.  Together we are strong.  Please consider giving as generously as you are able today.

With much appreciation,

Kristie van de Wetering
Deputy Executive Director | Beyond Borders

PS – Remember – the impact of your gift is doubled as it is matched immediately when you give at www.Haiti-Covid.org!

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