Nou pap janm bliye

Today we remember the estimated 300,000 who died in the earthquake that struck Haiti five years ago this afternoon. We still grieve the loss of so many we loved.

Port-au-Prince's CathedralWe also acknowledge the tireless work of so many who have rebuilt — often with their own bare hands — so much of what was lost. Haiti has experienced strong economic growth these last five years, some of it due to outside aid, but much of it a result of the creative efforts of Haitians themselves.

We have witnessed this creative determination in our Haitian partners who are struggling to end child slavery and domestic and sexual violence, and working to guarantee every child access to a quality education and every adult access to dignified work.

While the current political impass in Haiti presents a challenge to democracy, we are encouraged by the determination of the Haitian people not to allow their country to slip back into autocratic rule. Their determination and vision, we believe, will continue to propel Haiti towards a stable and inclusive democracy.

We are grateful today for your support and prayers for Haiti and we thank you for being part of the effort to accompany Haiti’s people in their struggle for a better future.

Today we pause for a moment in our work to remember and join our voices with those across Haiti to say nou pap janm bliye — we will never forget.

David Diggs
Director, Beyond Borders