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How could I read this newsletter and not be over-whelmed with gratitude for you and what you are making possible in Haiti?

Families brought back from the depths of poverty, isolation, and despair through new opportunities to earn a living that restore their dignity and build self-confidence — thanks to you.

Children freed from household slavery, reunited with their families, enrolled in good local schools, and a growing Adult Survivors movement determined to hold perpetrators accountable — thanks to you.

Communities organized to prevent violence against women and girls, balance power, and ensure every woman and girl, including those living with disabil- ities, is free from discrimination and inequality — thanks to you.

Many challenges remain in Haiti, but with supporters like you, the people and communities we work with will continue to build a better future for their children and their nation — just as the stories in this newsletter show.

Blessings on you and your loved ones now and throughout 2021.

Anne Gibbons
President, Board of Directors

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You may have heard that I was privileged to attend the Family Graduation ceremony this summer and to hand out diplomas to each family. It was a deeply moving experience and -- as someone who played a key role in making it possible -- I wish that you could've been...

Is Hope a Choice?

One morning last fall in a rural village in Haiti, a woman who we'll call Esperanta bathed and dressed her five kids, locked them into her tiny house, and then walked away with the intention of ending her life.  Life had not treated Esperanta...

Girls Club Mentors Grow Together

Thanks to supporters like the European Union Delegation in Haiti, Girls Club mentors meet together for fellowship and learning every month.