Send a love letter to our Rethinking Power activists!

Today, we’re launching our Share the Love campaign to expand the network of people working to end violence against women and girls in Haiti.

Every day, hundreds of activists lead the struggle to end domestic and sexual violence in their own communities. Every day, they make radical changes to help women and girls realize their full potential and live safely.

This is your opportunity to connect directly with our activists on the ground in Haiti and let them know how vital they are.

Will you leave some words of encouragement for our activists on this Valentine’s Day card?


We’ll translate and share every message we get with our activists, which will strengthen them in their struggle.

We’re so grateful for your support because it allows these activists to do amazing work. But we need even more supporters like you so this critical work can expand.

After you sign the card, please invite your friends to sign, too!

Thank you so much for helping sustain our work in Haiti. We couldn’t do it without you.