Thank You for Supporting Schools Not Slavery

Thanks to everyone who supported Schools Not Slavery! With the help of hundreds of generous donors, we reached our goal to fully fund 25 schools in villages where children are especially vulnerable to becoming enslaved.

Thank you so much!
Thank You!
Today — January 1st — is Haiti’s independence day. Haitians are celebrating the day in 1804 when they declared their independence from France and became the only nation in history to emerge from a slave uprising.

The Schools Not Slavery campaign supports a broader Haitian-led effort to fully realize the promise of liberty won in 1804 for all of Haiti’s citizens – including its youngest – by working to end the practice of restavèk (child slavery) and secure a quality education for all.

Thank you so much for supporting this struggle for freedom and justice for Haiti’s children.

All of us at Beyond Borders in Haiti and the U.S. want to wish you and yours a happy, healthy 2015 full of blessings each and every day.

Happy New Year!

David Diggs
Director, Beyond Borders

P.S.- Click here to see our current total for Schools Not Slavery.