BB Fall 2016 Schools Not Slavery NewsletterThe Beyond Borders Fall 2016 Schools Not Slavery Newsletter is here!

In it you’ll learn how Schools Not Slavery Partners helped free 104 girls and boys from slavery in the past year – and how you can become a partner and help free even more children.

You’ll also get a glimpse of Beyond Borders new community based initiative to lift up the poorest of the poor on rural Lagonav Island.

And you’ll hear firsthand from a women in Haiti who trafficked 43 children from the countryside to Port-au-Prince before changing her ways and becoming a Child Rights Activist.

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Thank you for your care and concern and your commitment to Haiti!

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One morning last fall in a rural village in Haiti, a woman who we'll call Esperanta bathed and dressed her five kids, locked them into her tiny house, and then walked away with the intention of ending her life.  Life had not treated Esperanta...