More than 200,000 Haitian children are trapped in a modern form of slavery calledrestavèk. This is a story of how one boy was freed and how Beyond Borders is helping Haitians build the movement to bring a complete end to child slavery. 

Join the movement to end child slavery in Haiti.
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What your gift or pledge can do:

  • $90 will provide books for a six-month child rights training for twelve adults

  • $120 will train one member of a Child Protection Team

  • $840 ($70/month for a year) will train a group of 12 child rights activists

  • $1400 ($120 / month for a year) will train and mobilize an entire Child Protection Team of twelve.

Recent Articles

Is Hope a Choice?

One morning last fall in a rural village in Haiti, a woman who we'll call Esperanta bathed and dressed her five kids, locked them into her tiny house, and then walked away with the intention of ending her life.  Life had not treated Esperanta...

Impact Report: Spring 2023

Thank you again for your generous support for Beyond Borders. I am so grateful. You are supporting a growing movement of women and men in Haiti who are working tirelessly to overcome poverty, prevent violence and abuse, and develop leaders. You can read the latest on...

Research Results: Intimate Partner Violence Cut in Half

There is exciting news to share! A just-completed multi-year research collaboration with the Global Women's Institute at the George Washington University found that the work of Beyond Borders' Rethinking Power Team in Haiti cut the rate of intimate partner violence by...