Training that Teachers in Haiti Love: “I wish there was one every week!”

Feb 14, 2024 | Our Blog, Providing Rural Education

Teachers all around Lagonav Island gathered in the town of Matènwa for teacher training

Students at more than 90 schools on Lagonav Island are being taught by teachers using a native language, nonviolent, participatory approach that encourages student creativity, curiosity, and leadership.

What does this mean for students? Phalange Eliassaint, a first-grade teacher at the National School in Bwa Brileon on Lagonav Island, will tell you.

“I did not really know how to teach the children in my classroom to read and write in an effective way. I did not know how to create a good learning environment. Then I joined the teacher training program. My students used to struggle to write. Now they are writing more than ever! Every day they get better and better thanks to the training I am receiving. I want to say a big thank you to the entire teacher training team and to all the people who support them. I can teach my students better now thanks to you!” 

Guilène Lhérissé, a first grade teacher at the National School in Lapalmis shared too:

“There is no end to what I can say about how happy I am with this training! The one-on-one attention trainers give teachers in the workshops encourages us to put more effort into our work as teachers. We learned where our weaknesses are in the way we teach and how we can eliminate them. The training was so good, I wish there was one every week!”

Thanks to so many Beyond Borders supporters who care about education, thousands of students on Lagonav Island are benefitting from teachers trained using these same empowering methodologies. 

The care, concern, and commitment of these supporters is making a quality education possible for more girls and boys on Lagonav Island.

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