VIDEO: Naughty or Nice?

There’s nothing more joyful than a family that’s been reunited.

You can see what I mean in this short 2-minute video of a beautiful Haitian family that I visited last month.

In it 13 year old Choodly–who spent years living in restavèk slavery before being reunited with her family–laughs and giggles with her brothers, sisters and mom. Choodly’s siblings are taking turns answering a joking question that I asked them: Is Choodly naughty or nice?

I bet you’ll be as deeply moved by the love, grace, humility and joy on display as I was.


Living in Haiti I’m privileged to see firsthand the joy of families like Choodly’s made whole again.

This is what our work at Beyond Borders is about, and it is work that we simply couldn’t do without the generosity of supporters like you.

By helping families to protect and educate their children at home, end domestic violence by balancing power between women and men, and earn a dignified living, we’re helping whole communities rediscover their own strengths.

As the holidays approach, I just wanted you to know how grateful all of us working with Beyond Borders here in Haiti are for your support.  Thank you for helping to bring joy to families like Choodly’s.

With gratitude,

Meagan Silencieux

Country Co-Director

Beyond Borders

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