Winter 2017 Newsletter

Friends —

The Beyond Borders Winter 2017 Newsletter is here!

See the difference people like you made in the lives of vulnerable children and families in rural Haiti in 2017.

Learn how your solidarity is empowering grassroots leaders to transform Haiti to a nation free of child slavery and violence against women, a nation where every child goes to a good school, a nation no longer dependent on handouts, a nation where dignified work feeds the souls and bodies of every citizen.

Today – because of the generosity of people like you – 28 more children (262 total since 2014) are free from slavery, back home with their families, and enrolled in a good school, 230 families are enrolled in an 18-month program to lift themselves out of poverty, 1,600 adults graduated from Child Rights Training, and 103 communities are organizing to prevent violence against women and girls.

If you’d like to receive a copy of the Beyond Borders newsletter at home, just call or email Jonathan Haggard: (610) 277-5045,, and he’ll add you to our mailing list!

Thank you for your care and concern for the people of Haiti! If I can answer any questions about the work that people like you are making possible in Haiti today, please don’t hesitate to contact me anytime.

Merry Christmas! Bòn Fèt Nwèl!

With deep gratitude,

David Diggs, Director & Co-Founder

Beyond Borders

(202) 686-2088