Choodly’s Greatest Christmas Gift


Children all around the world embody joy, curiosity and love.

Children in Haiti are no different. They laugh and play, ask endless questions, and eagerly anticipate the next school vacation.

The beaming smile above belongs to 13-year-old Choodly, who lives with her mother, brothers and sisters in rural Haiti.

But Choodly wasn’t always living there. For years, she was trapped in a modern form of slavery called restavèk. Then her mother, Joceline, joined a Child Rights Program supported by Beyond Borders. Working with her local Child Protection Committee, Joceline brought Choodly home. Watch this short video to see how.

Today, Choodly enjoys the same pleasures as any girl her age. You can find her listening to her favorite singer, Arly Lariviere, or cooking an array of classic Haitian dishes. After school, she likes to play Pope (pronounced “po-pay” — a game like house) with kids in the neighborhood and study her favorite subject, mathematics.

Though it isn’t common for Haitian children to receive gifts on Christmas, Choodly already has the greatest gift she could ask for: finally being at home where she belongs.

Every day she feels the love and affection of her mother, and the care and compassion of her brothers and  sisters.

This Christmas, consider giving Haitian children like Choodly the gift of growing up at home where they are loved and protected. That’s a gift every child deserves.