Activists in the Southeast don shirts with the slogan:
‘Changing the dynamics of gender relations – how can we wield our power for positive transformation?’

So many good things are happening even in these challenging times in Haiti. Here’s a look at what grassroots leaders in Haiti and our Rethinking Power team members have accomplished recently – with the support of generous Beyond Borders donors and our friends at the European Union.

  • 400 people participated in one-to-one chats with activist staff during an awareness-raising campaign to prevent violence
  • 24 religious leaders were trained in leadership skills aimed at promoting and facilitating the leadership of women in churches
  • 38 school teachers and staff were trained on how to integrate Power to Girls into their curriculum
  • 150 Girls Group meetings were organized with 400 girls between the ages of 10 and 19
  • 15 participants from 11 women’s organizations participated in a three-day workshop on best practices for violence prevention and organizational management
  • 3-day technical support visits were conducted with three partner organizations located in three geographic departments

The generosity, solidarity, care, and concern that you show makes you part of the movement to prevent violence against women and girls and balance power between women and men too. 

Thanks to everyone for your faithful support!

February 7th Mentor Training in Bainet, Haiti for leaders of Girls Clubs
In Lamontay, Haiti activists completed a training on January 30th to continue mobilizing their communities to prevent violence against women.

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