This Valentine’s Day, we’re asking loyal supporters like you to Share the Love and forward this message to friends wanting to help end violence against women and girls in Haiti.

When was the first Valentine’s Day, and what kind of love was celebrated?

Historians aren’t entirely certain about the details, but it appears that Valentine was a Catholic priest in third-century Rome who took great risks to officiate at secret weddings of young couples. (Emperor Claudius II had outlawed the marriage of young men because it prevented them from being available to serve as devoted soliders for Rome.)

On February 14 in the year 278, Valentine paid the ultimate price for his defiance of the Emperor, but his courage and commitment to healthy relationships rooted in love and respect has had a lasting impact.

Today, hundreds of our Rethinking Power community activists are displaying courage and bravery, too, as they lead the struggle to end domestic and sexual violence in Haiti.

They are truly modern saints. And because of their work, we’re seeing real results.

In communities where we work, the percentage of adults who believe that it’s a woman’s fault if a man rapes her was cut in half. More than half of all people reported seeing a neighbor take action to prevent violence against women and girls. And 94% of people now say a man doesn’t have the right to slap his wife.

But we need your help to continue and expand this vital work.

For our Share the Love campaign, we’re asking you to tell friends who want to end violence against women and girls in Haiti about our work.

And when you help spread the word, we’ll share the love, too!

Share this message now.


-Recruit 5 or more friends and we’ll send you a pack of 20 banana bark greeting cards handmade by Haitian artisans.

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-Recruit 10 or more friends and we’ll send you a piece of artwork made by a talented artist from Croix-des-Bouquets.

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-Recruit 20 or more friends and we’ll send you a signed copy of Edwidge Danticat’s latest book.

Thank you so much for your commitment to ending violence against women and girls in Haiti.

And Happy Saint Valentine’s Day!
David Diggs
Beyond Borders

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