The Graduation Model: a Proven Approach.

Development programs often help communities advance, but leave behind those trapped in the most extreme poverty. These are precisely the families — with young children and no means of support — that Beyond Borders wants to reach.

Women lead most of these households, are often isolated from their neighbors, have hardly any shelter, and little or no means to feed, clothe, and educate their children. We are determined to help these families permanently escape extreme poverty.

We’re using an approach called The Graduation Model, proven globally to help families lift themselves out of extreme poverty in 24 months — and stay out. Watch the video to hear how Nelia led her family out of extreme poverty.

Nelia’s story: ‘I had nothing.’

What You Can Do

You can sponsor a family for $100/month for 24 months. You’ll equip them with the skills they need to begin earning a living so that they can provide for themselves, send their children to school, and live with independence.

Since 2018, people like you have accompanied nearly 700 rural Haitian families in their journey to permanently escape extreme poverty.

Questions? Contact Brian Stevens, Beyond Borders’ Engagement Director, at (305) 450-2561 or

Your Sponsorship Provides a Haitian Family With:

  • Assets to earn a living with, goats or other livestock, for example, or goods to start an informal store.
  • Training on how to manage the new assets.
  • Six-months of cash support to reduce the need to sell the new assets in an emergency.
  • Weekly coaching visits to reinforce skills, build confidence, and help families handle any challenges.
  • Health education and healthcare to stay healthy and able to work.
  • A savings account to save money to invest or use in an emergency.
  • Help repairing their home or building a new home.
  • Help to bring home any children they’ve sent away.